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Frost Management of Citrus

It is important to manage the risks of frost in Citrus orchards as frost damage is often not noticable for a long while after the fruit has been harvested.  When affected fruit arrives in the market place, the damage usually appears as blackened skin and dried juice sacks making the fruit unsaleable and a cost to the packhouse and ultimately the grower.

Way’s to help minimise the effects of frost:

  • Air drainage – allow the cold air to drain from the farm unimpeded, open wind breaks if possible
  • Mow weed’s and cover crops to allow for bare soil to warm in the winter sunlight
  • Start drip irrigation system day’s before a predicted event to allow the soil profile to fill and gain warmth
  • Use of wind machines then they are installed

More information about frost’s, how they are formed and what the damage is can be found on the link below:

Frost management

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